Hello! Welcome to the Tour de Force homepage, where hopefully you'll find that the cause is one you can support and contribute to! This benefit concert is being held to help me (Madelynn Barber) go on tour with Music Maker's SoR summer tour, which you can check out more here! The idea of the tour is to help young musicians flourish in a super awesome and supportive enviroment.

Since I'm a student and a soon-to-be high school graduate, I'm struggling to come up with the full deposit to go on tour. While it would be a great experience for me as I'm hoping to possibly major in music, I need your help to be able to attend! That's where Tour de Force comes in- It's a one night concert that hopefully will give the big push that ends up getting me on a tour bus and out on the road!

As far as the concert itself goes, I'm looking for people willing to donate to a raffle or simply willing to attend and enjoy the experience with me! The date of the benefit is July 9th, and doors open at 6PM. It's located at School of Rock Frisco's headquarters, 6891 Main St.

Of course, I don't just expect you to start dishing out money simply because I asked. Even though donating would be good karma, knowing what I'm capable of and who you're donating to couldn't hurt either. Generally, I tend to let my music do the talking, and if you have the same mindset feel free to scroll past my monologue and just listen. I've been playing music for roughly 4 years religiously, but I've always had a knack for singing. I starred in church musicals, joined choirs, took lessons, you name it. Music has always been impacting me.

However, as of late music has grown into more than just a hobby. It's become my lifestyle, my possible career, and my general focus in life. I can play piano, guitar, bass, xylophone, and ukelele at a somewhat professional level, and a few other instruments on the side that aren't as well practiced but are still presentable. Singing will always be a top priority for me, though, and training my voice has been my focus since a young age.

School of Rock is one of the main reasons I continue to grow as a musician and artist. The support system they've designed has helped me power through a lot of tough musical droughts and re-inspired me to continue pursuing music. I believe that the tour is the next leg of my journey to becoming a musician and that it will provide me with experience I need if I truly want to be a pro one day.

Beyond music, I also dabble in graphic design and studio art. I babysit kids in my off-time, and really enjoy it because of my experience with my 3 younger siblings. I lived in Memphis until I was fourteen, so I feel a huge personal connection with the musical community and its changing nature.

As far as school goes, I have a couple of achievements worth listing.

Below, you'll find examples of my performances as well as some ametuer attempts at recording. I'm hoping to improve my music through the tour and the introduction to many different musical styles.